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Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind

Blast Off to Jesus!
SarahAnnKateri: "HAHAHAH so this ice cream truck pulls onto our street & the loudspeaker says 'HELLO?' & then the music plays & she parks the van. & then it says 'HELLO?' again, & then the music shuts off & she zooms away down the street."

I think I have had the happiest and luckiest of lives. Maybe this is because I never expected as much as I got. What I expected was hard knocks. I always expected to have to work hard. Maybe harder than most people because of my lack of education. And when the knocks came, I felt it was no surprise. I had always known life was like that, full of uppercuts for the deserving and undeserving alike.

But it would be ridiculous for me to complain. I find it impossible to feel sorry for myself. I count the years of defeat and grief and disappointment, and their percentage is so minute that it continually surprises and delights me.

-- Buster Keaton
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